Me Bio

“I was widowed ten year ago when my dear Sandra got hit by a shopping trolley in Morrison’s car park. It knocked her under a delivery lorry and that was that. My view of life changed that day and I decided to get out onto the comedy circuit and “tell it like it is” as our American friends are fond of saying. Now I go around the country smashing audiences in the face with my jokes leaving them crying with laughter and teaching them about life, I’m a bloody public service me! Beloved by audiences I am the man with a plan, a Yorkshire sized plan. Each gag laden performance is a lifetime of work crammed into a frenetic set that always climax’s with a song. Equally happy in front of a cultured comedy audience or a raging music festival crowd my home is the stage, food is laughter and drink is Theakstons Old Peculiar.

So sit back and hear how the world should be run, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it’s just yours is the wrong one and mine is the right one.”

Brilliant, like a Yorkshire Al Murray” – Daily Mail

Unmissable” – Time Out

A c**t” – Jimmy Carr